So, the good news is, despite Wharf street being crowded this past weekend, Portland police say they found no business violations of the social distancing rules as of Sunday. Officers say it seems as though businesses are very progressive in taking on the rules and ensuring they have a safe environment for people to come and patronize. This past Saturday on Wharf Street there was a huge crowd that went across social media in the context of 'so much for social distancing.'

The Skeptical eye of the public comes on the heels of Texas, and Florida's states are closing bars and restaurants to help quell the concerns of another outbreak as COVID cases around the country are skyrocketing.

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, with the combined rate of new cases in states that did not have stricter lockdowns before, we are now at pre lockdown levels of infection.

Regardless of whatever happened on Wharf street this past Saturday, please remember when you go out to meet family or friends, stay safe, stay cautious this disease is still out there lurking. Let's all keep our cells healthy.



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