He finally did it. He retired from football.

Gronk, Rob Gronkowski took to Instagram to announce that he is no longer going to be playing football.


He says that the fans of Pats Nation will be 'a big part of my heart for the rest of my life.' Well Gronk, you will be a big part of us too!

You are a giant goofball who made watching football super fun. You made being a Patriots fan a pleasure!

I personally will never forget the 6 seconds I got to meet you a couple of years ago and grabbed this selfie!


Just to put this into perspective...he IS that tall...and I am that short.


Thank you for spiking the ball, for dragging defenders down the field and just having a blast when you played.

If you go into acting, I probably will go and watch whatever you are in. I hope you have just as much success in your next big adventure!

Thanks Gronk for the 9 years of great friggin' footbal!


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