Here Comes The Bride

For most people, getting engaged is one of the most exciting things. Of course, you’re excited that you’re going to be with the love of your life forever, but there is an excitement to planning the big shindig.

Many brides to be have been working on a wedding Pinterest board long before they even met their fiance and they are so ready to put their ideas into action.

Tradition is important to many. They want to get married at a church, wear the perfect white dress, and be apart from their to-be spouse on the day leading up to the wedding. Others? Not so much.

Tradition who? Why not a black dress? Why not get married at the bar where you two met and have someone impersonating Darth Vader officiate?

Bucking Tradition in Maine

We recently asked our listeners to share the non-traditional parts of their own weddings and boy, did we get some crazy responses.

One woman married her man in the New Mexico State Prison. And since you’re wondering, it was him that was in prison, and no, they’re not together anymore.

One couple had planned to go to Las Vegas to get hitched in a chapel by an Elvis impersonator. When COVID-19 ruined their plans they came up with a beautiful idea. The groom owns a used-car dealership in Rumford. So they cleared the lot, family and friends drove up in a circle, and they got married surrounded by family in the parking lot.

The most precious story was from a woman who is a jeweler who shared a story about her friend. They were on a budget so the groom didn’t have a ring and the bride just had a simple band. They just wanted to be married so it wasn’t a huge concern of theirs. But then their parents and grandparents all removed their rings and wanted them to make rings out of their love.

We also brought the question to our Facebook followers and here are some of the best non-traditional weddings.

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