For several weeks, people driving over the Elm Street bridge between Saco and Biddeford have noticed heavy equipment down below in the Saco River and wondering what was going on. Now we know.

The City of Saco posted on their Facebook page to shed some light on the project for the curious drivers crossing the bridge that have noticed it. Turns out a fish passageway if being built by Brookfield White Pine Hydro. As part of the license renewal, they were required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to install a nature-like fish passageway so that fish swimming up and down stream could easily pass in through was would look river rapids to them.

City of Saco
City of Saco

Just down the river at the bridge on Main Street, Brookfield White Pine Hydro is also making repairs to the Cataract Dam in in an effort to get it generating electricity again.

And now you know!



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