One thing old guys love doing, is having coffee at McDonalds. But when you can't dine in, you improvise.

There's still gossip to be told. There are still stories of the 'good ol' days' to be relived. McDonald's still has coffee, and now they have a pretty wide open parking lot.

These guys up in Topsham seem to be adjusting well. They are being socially distant, but close enough so that they can hear each other. I hope that when I get to be up in the McDonald's coffee age group, that I have friends who have chairs and are willing to drive to their favorite McDonald's on a warm June day to chat.

How are you adjusting? Are you having friends over for a socially distance BBQ in a back yard? Have you met anyone in a parking lot? Parking lots are the best! Great places to meet up and just say hi!



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