Who doesn't want to play for the Patriots?

New England is one of the greatest teams in the NFL, and they've got the stats and championship rings to prove it.

After all, they've got six Super Bowl wins, and in this current 2019-20 season, they are running 8-0. Not too shabby.

If you're not a Pats fan, you could probably bring up all the reasons why not to join. But don't kid yourself.

Now imagine if New England had an Olympic sprinter join the team. And imagine if that person was none other than legend Usain Bolt, who is a world record holder.

Bringing two GOATs together?

According to TMZ, Bolt said he would only be willing to try his hand at the NFL if it was for New England or Green Bay.

"If they call me, I'm ready," Bolt told TMZ.

Sure, just sprinting is a lot different than running routes, dodging tackles, catching passes, etc., but at the same time, maybe Bolt would excel at these, too.

Brady passes to Bolt for a touchdown? Seems like it would be pretty sweet to watch.

Would you want to see Usain Bolt play for the Patriots, or do you think it would be more of a gimmick rather than a benefit?

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