Some dude in NH made a surfboard from old Dunkin' cups!


According to the Bangor Daily News, Korey Nolan, who lives in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire made a surfboard with 700 old Dunkin’ cups. It was so good, it got him second-place finish in the international Creators & Inventors Upcycle Contest. A contest to make something out of garbage.

It was pretty easy to come up with 700 Dunkin'. He picked them up himself on the street and in the trash! He did also ask his friends to save their cups for him too! He ended up with quite the haul, over 1,000! It took about 6 months to gather all the cups and 2 months put it all together. He used bamboo stringers and a plant based glue to stick it all together and then he shaped it into a surfboard. And it works too!


He even used plastic straws from Dunkin' to make the fins!

Here's the good news for the environment and bad news for more Korey Dunkin' surf boards - Dunkin is getting rid of the styrofoam cups by 2020! Oooo, he made it just in time.


I see a whole new future for Korey. Dunkin' patio furniture? Wait...I like that idea!

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