I respect that your love for animals was enough to go inside the store you thought I might be in to try and help. However, that's just the thing. You thought he was in trouble, but instead, he was actually better off than any of us were in that heat wave while he was inside my Jeep. Homie had the engine on, AC blasting, and paw patrol plating out of my bluetooth.

I'm assuming you didn't know this was the case when I was called to the front of the store over the loudspeaker, and told that you were upset with the doodle in the Jeep inside.

I'm writing this letter in hopes that it reaches you, because our story almost feels open-ended. I still don't know who you are, or if you were told that the dog you thought I'd trapped inside the car in the blistering heat is actually okay. He was always okay. In fact, he was hanging out in the AC that's controlled by an app on my phone and keeps my car cool while I'm inside a store. Again, I appreciate your concern for an animal, and I know you didn't have ill intentions when you went out of your way to report my car. But I just want you to know that the doodle was not trapped nor burning up in the heatwave until you called security. My Jeep is the brand-new 4xe, which means its engine is very quiet. Hopefully this helps you sleep at night!

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