Dear, Mrs. Arrogant,

At first, I was angry at you for what you did and the position you put me in while I was at the Old Port the other night.

You know, as I sit here reminiscing on the lack of manners you displayed in one of Maine's classier bars; The Armory, I'm wondering if you even understand there are just some unspoken rules we as humans should be following at our age.

But because you couldn't follow those common courtesy rules, I'll remind you that, NO, it's absolutely, unequivocally not OK to grab my drink out from in front of me WITHOUT ASKING before I even try it to go ahead and try it yourself.

Let's bring it back to how this all started.

I ordered a pickle vodka martini. If you know martinis you know that they're basically an open glass of chilled vodka with no ice, just your mouth and the glass and an olive.

The waitress set my drink down for me and you reached across the table, grabbed my martini from my hands, said "I want to try this," and then took a sip out of my glass before I could even try it.

WHAT. ARE. YOU. THINKING? Look I'm all for sharing, but you didn't even let me HOLD my drink that I've waited all day for before you took it without asking and got your germs all over it.

Here's the worst part, when I responded politely back to you "May I please try my own drink first before I hand it off to you?" you copped an attitude and said no, which made the entire bar feel VERY uncomfortable.

I do want you to know, the group of people around me who also had no idea who you were apologized FOR YOU considering you lacked to understand how rude you were.

NEVER just take somebody's drink before they've tried it themselves and assume that it's fine. There is never a time when that behavior is OK.

Me, who had every right to lash out at you but kept her cool instead.

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