Okay. We've all been there. I just happen to have been there last night in the middle of a really terrible intersection in South Portland.

Disclaimer: before the internet trolls come running after me telling me it's my fault, I know this. I know that it was my fault for playing the gas game for as long as I could get away with it, even though my dad had always taught me never to let your tank fall under half full.

As I'm on my way to the gas station (which happened to be literally 10 feet away from me), my luck ran out this time. My car died right there in the middle of the road. More specifically, right off exit 3 on the way to South Portland, which couldn't have been a worse location for something like this to happen. You just gotta laugh at these things sometimes. I won't lie, I FaceTimed my best friend Morgan, and we were in tears laughing at the stupidity of the situation.

However, while I'm trying to figure out my next move (which was to walk up to the gas station and grab a gas can), I realized I can't leave my jeep alone. It wasn't because of anything I did, but because of how people were responding to my Jeep that was clearly in the middle of the road with its hazards on.

Some idiot decided to long honk at me as if it was going to magically put gas in my jeep and get me moving along and out of his way. Did you think I had my hazards on and decided to just hang out in the middle of the interstate for fun? Your honking was only adding to my stress, and I'm shocked you weren't smart enough to figure out I needed help.

This ding dong continues to long honk, which then causes the next car behind him to honk, which soon created a conga line of people honking their horns trying to get off the exit. Have you never seen an accident before, either? If somebody had crashed into another car where I was, would you have honked at them because it was disrupting your travel?

Shoutout to the ignorant drivers out there, and shoutout to the lovely men who were kind enough to bring me their emergency tank of gas so I could pull my jeep over safely!

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