If your proposal plans have changed for the year and you're looking to do something creative, Oscar Meyer can hook you up with the Wiener mobile. If you think this is a strange idea, remember somebody at a TV broadcast company green-lit 5 movies about sharks being swallowed up by tornadoes and ravaging cities. Does this idea excite you?

Assuming you believe that your fiancé to be won't hit you over the head with a brick filled purse, you can also use the Wiener mobile as an Airbnb so you can propose there and sleep in it as well. The idea came from the man who drives the Wiener mobile, who used it for a backdrop for his proposal.

Instead of being fired by the meatpacking company for misusing company property, they said that's a great idea. Let's let everyone do it as well, so here you have your Wiener mobile treat.

Make no mistake about it; this is coming from a guy that considers himself openly odd and peculiar; I think this is kind of crazy! What are your thoughts? Am I off base, or is this something you would do for your Boo?

Sign up for the Wiener Mobile Here!

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