This came as a shock to me. The very popular House of Bacon and Lava Lounge in Auburn is closing in a few weeks so the owners can open another restaurant that they plan to close in 2020.

According to the Sun Journal, owners Marcus Verrill and Joe Richards are closing the House of Bacon and Lava Lounge in the next few weeks to open a new restaurant in Pownall called "The Perfect Spell." These guy must be Harry Potter fans, because "The Perfect Spell" will be all about magic and wizards without a hint of Harry Potter in it because we're sure J.K. Rowling wouldn't allow such a thing.

Here's the crazy part. It will open on September 13th. That's a Friday. See what they're doing there? But will close permanently on October, 31, 2020 which of course is Halloween. What?

The Lava Lounge was only open for two and a half years and the House of Bacon just less than two years. These guys don't like to stick around.

"The Perfect Spell" will include a restaurant and theater and the owners want to book all of their 3744 reservations before they open, so you better get ready to get yours.

Check out the Sun Journal's article at the link below for more information.


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