Christine from Harrison, Maine has 4 boys. Her 6-year-old Devin was just diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer. That is unacceptable and they want to make Devin the first to ever survive Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).


I first learned of Devin through Andra, Christine's best friend growing up in Maine. The family currently lives in Framingham, MA.

Her letter, her passion and her love of this family made me want to help. It will make you want to help this family and their goal too.

I wanted to share the story of my best friend growing up - Christine grew up in Harrison Maine and went to Oxford Hills High School and currently lives in Framingham MA but has deep roots still in Maine. Mr. Parsons, Jeff’s dad, was our vice principal. She is an amazing person. She raises money every year with Mary's Firemen for a Cure event in Maine. Christine lost her mom to breast cancer.



Christine, the mother of four boys, had her life turned upside down this week. Devin, her youngest, was diagnosed with the rarest form of brain cancer that exists - Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). He is 6-years-old and full of spunk. Handsome as hell.


The prognosis is a life expectancy between 8-9 months from diagnosis. 10% of kids will survive 2 years and only 1% will survive 5 years.  


Christine and her family won't settle for that. They are going for a cure! There has never been a cure, but that is not stopping them from trying to raise awareness to find a cure.


Once again, they only found out last week and she is already back on her feet, scared as hell but fighting.


Devin is scheduled to start radiation therapy soon to help control the tumor.


The GoFundMe link below has the family's whole story if you would like. He has a hashtag trending #whynotdevin meaning why not Devin be the first person to be cured?!


That is our goal. We want to make this go viral – think ALS bucket challenge but BIGGER! We dream big. Please feel free to share with anyone you know!


Why not Devin? Let's make this sweet boy the first to be cured!



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