It’s truly crazy to think how things have changed for our New England Patriots over the past 30 years. Remember when they were so bad, their games weren’t even on TV?

Now, the Patriots are already onto their second iteration of their state-of-the-art home field, as the team introduced some major changes to Gillette Stadium for the 2023 season.

Fans will now have “tunnel access,” as those inside the Bud Light Celebration Beer Hall will be able to cheer the Patriots on as they take the field (will fans who’ve enjoyed an afternoon of Bud Light also be in the tunnel after a tough Pats loss?).

Also in place: a new lighthouse the Pats describe as “much taller” than its predecessor. This model is 218 feet tall and features 360-degree views of both the Boston and Providence skylines.

But the real headline is the team’s new 22,000-square-foot, curved video board – the largest in the United States. The team boasts that the half-an-acre screen will be five times as large as before (maybe this is to make it harder to “forget” an entire Taylor Swift concert).

Everything is said to be on track for completion by the team’s home opener on September 10, at which it will formally honor Tom Brady (though if you believe the folks over at Family Guy, the Pats might want to wait until Gronk leaves to remodel the bathrooms).

The project was part of a $250 million investment by the Kraft family, a remarkable 180 from the days when they almost moved the team to Hartford. But if you ask me, you should really thank the late Michael Jackson.

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