Chickens make the best friends...just ask 5-year-old Paul.


Paul and Francine have been buds for a while. Francine and a rooster have been living the life up in Norway since May. But in the last couple of weeks, well...Francine has been coming inside for some quality Paul time. Remote learning is way better when you have a buddy to help you.

Sara McEvanster

Paul is in kindergarten at the Guy E. Rowe school in Norway. Francine is a whiz at this stuff.

When it's snack time, oh these two are not seperated and Paul is always super generous with his snack. It appears they are both big fans of bananas!

But remote learning can make you sleepy. So they both decided to take a nap.

Sara McEvanster

Francine must be getting pretty comfortable with her bestie, because she recently laid two eggs in Paul's bed. Way more comfy inside on these chilly nights than outside. This makes 2020 just a litte bit better.



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