Do you like to play games? Who doesn't? Now you can play games and help raise awareness and money for families with children on the autism spectrum.

Even if we don't have a child on the spectrum, most of us know a family who does. One of several I know is Mike Primeau and his wife Carmela of Toronto. Their 4-year-old son Luke, as with any child on the spectrum, presented many challenges for them.

One thing they found that helped children with autism feel inclusive, is play. Whether its video games, board games or what I have in common with Mike, pinball, play is a means of inclusion, empathy and acceptance. To that end, Mike created Path of Play, an organization that helps families living with autism or other special needs.

The first annual Path of Play Day is April 28 where people are encouraged to play with a base entry donation to Path of Play of $5. Proceeds go to subsidize programs for early intervention, game distribution for families and therapy centers, communication apps for non-verbal individuals and education and awareness media for autism.

Play a board game, a video game, play catch, or even play music.

If you'd like to donate to Path of Play, I have set up a team for my pinball podcast. (Yes, the geek hosts a podcast about pinball.) I'd love to have you donate whatever you can to the cause or even join us to play pinball on Path of Play Day. Hit the links below to donate and to contact me if you'd like to play. I'll even teach you!

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