Sex probably isn't the first thing you think about when you hear the phrase, "Do it for your country". But that's what Maine, along with other older-populated places around the world, are insinuating.

According to US News, Maine has had the oldest population in the country for nearly a decade and isn't likely to change anytime soon. In response, the state instituted a tax cut for young graduates who move to the state for work, with easier qualifications for younger graduates. The state assumes in part that these young people will partner up, settle down, and have babies that will grow up to be young Mainers themselves, ultimately pulling down the state's average age range.

Mother father and baby child on a white bed
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That's right, Maine is trying to attract young grads for their baby-making potential (ya know, and their labor, tax-paying ability, etc.) which is a pretty funny concept when you think about it. The popular NPR podcast "Planet Money" covered Maine's unique tax cut in their episode, "Do it For Your Country," in which they also talked about Denmark's similar, perhaps funnier yet project "Do it for Denmark".

In Denmark's case, travel agencies realized that the aging population would likely decline the use of their industry and instituted special rates for young people to vacation and potentially procreate while they're away. They even offered extra savings for ovulating women, which is safely the first time I've ever heard of a monetary reward for getting one's period. Sounds like a pretty great plan for me - until they start following up to make sure you're churning out babies in return for your tax cuts (which is hopefully very unlikely), I'm on board!


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