This March, a brand new restaurant will bring us two unique menu items, which is a difficult task to achieve in this foodie-filled city.

According to Press Herald, owner Anusat Limsitong believes Poke (po-KAY) Pop will be the first restaurant in all of Maine to serve bingsu, a Korean dessert that consists of shaved ice and flavoring, often topped with red beans or fresh fruit. In his version, the shaved ice will be flavored with things like green tea, and toppings will include fruit such as mango and strawberry.

I only just realized that the little white bowl emoji with the pinkish ice cream-looking stuff inside is actually bingsu!

Along with bingsu, you'll be able to find poke at Poke Pop (aptly named), which is a raw fish salad including rice and vegetables that is served in Hawaiian cuisine, according to the newspaper. The menu will also feature other asian-inspired "more healthy comfort food" that patrons can eat in or take home.

I only recently got on board with sushi and I've always been a fan of cold, sweet things so I'll definitely be giving Poke Pop a try.

According to the Press Herald, they'll be opening at 658 Congress St. in March, just in time for my birthday! Think they've got candles for the bingsu?

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