Alright, I've had lobster rolls and whoopie pies, but I recently came across another Maine delicacy that I was shocked is a thing.

Do these look familiar?

Fresh fiddlehead fern buds (tête de violons)

They do to me too! Except I know them as the baby tips of those big leafy ferns that grow in the woods of Idaho. Honestly, I never even knew what the native weed was called. Years later, I saw the term "fiddlehead" on a menu and figured it was an obscure variety of mushroom.

Come to find out, Mainers fry these up and eat them like candy! Or popcorn, or something. I can't imagine what they taste like, but I suppose everything's good with a little olive oil and salt.

I'm still weirded out to see them on a plate... but I suppose I'll have to add it to my New to Maine Adventures List!

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