One kindergarten school in China thought it would 'liven up the mood' for the first day of school if they had a pole dancer. Nope.


According to the Portland Press Herald:

There, on a stage in the courtyard, in front of rows of children aged 3 to 6, all first-day-ready in pristine white shirts and neatly pressed black shorts, a woman did a routine that would not be out of place in a downtown strip club.

As one parent pointed out...who would think this was a good idea.


The school apologized. But it does lend to the question...what craziness happened on your first day of school. There's always the kid that pukes...but for me, I made it memorable.

For the first day of first grade, I wore a green dress with big white polka dots. Yes...I wore a dress (mom made me). I remember Dennis dared me to lift it over my head, which I promptly did with no hesitation. Good thing I was wearing underwear.

Still doesn't beat a pole dancer, but I'm sure I scarred a few kids too.


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