It's always better to be safe than sorry, and meteorology, while a science, isn't always an exact science. They're literally trying to predict the future.

So there we were, Friday night storming Hannaford for milk, bread, eggs, and batteries with Ice Storm '98 flashbacks going through our minds.

Turns out, we had an unusually beautiful weekend.

I'm certainly not complaining. If the weather report is going to be wrong at least have it be in our favor, right?

At least some Mainers have a sense of humor about the whole thing with two men from central Maine sharing their takes on the biggest non-event of 2020 thus far.

First live from China, Maine, a report from Steve Hughes of WWTF parodying The Wizard of Oz:

And "This guy", Randy Chamberlain from Clinton who made sure his family was prepared complete with the tub full of water and a glass ful of Captain Morgan:

Now don't get too comfy with this weather, the warm weekend was indeed a fluke. We're back in the midst of seasonable temperatures and will likely be here for a while.

At least we're stocked up on the essentials now, right?

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