Sometimes the best way to honor a lost loved one is to roll up your sleeves and give something back.

Portland and Bath are doing just that with two memorial blood drives in memory of Madeline Marzen, a 4-year-old Bath resident who lost a brief and rigorous battle with a malignant brain tumor in the fall of 2017.

On May 21, Easterseals Maine will host a blood drive with a Red Cross Mobile unit on-site at 125 Presumpscot Street in Portland. On June 13, the Red Cross will be at the Bath Senior Center at 45 Floral Street in Bath, home of the Midcoast Life Church.

It won't be the first time scores of people turn out to donate in Madeline's name; between four drives in 2018, more than 150 people donated blood, saving roughly three times that number of lives.

“We were blown away with the outcome of our first blood drives last year,” said Madeline’s mom, Amie Marzen, in a press release. “There are so many kids still fighting, including several fighting the same tumor my daughter fought, so this blood drive is for them.”

Madeline needed three transfusions/platelets during her two-month battle with cancer, and her mom says watching her receive that donated blood each time made her want to pay it forward for others.

Amie has donated blood six times her daughter’s passing only two Octobers ago.

Anyone wanting to donate is encouraged to register at the American Red Cross’ website, Search for “Madeline” to select either drive, or pledge to donate in her name through by searching "Madeline’s Blood Drives 2019." The Bath drive will include child care for the duration of any parents' donations, thanks to volunteers at Midcoast Life Church.

For more info, contact Amie Marzen, Madeline's mother, at 207-449-2896 or by emailing

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