I'm going to break the fourth wall and tell you a quick story as to why I even stumbled across Baby Booty.

I was driving down 295 and was approaching a car with a decal on its rear window. And was I was passing it, I finally was able to read what it said: Baby Booty Workout. Complete with an Instagram logo.

And naturally, being a clueless dude, my first thought was:

Is this place seriously trying to hype the fact their workout classes will give you a booty like a baby? Who even thinks about baby butts?

After I reached my destination and looked up Baby Booty Workout on Instagram, I realized I couldn't have been more wrong, and I couldn't be happier there's a business and community like this in Maine (and also Massachusetts, more on that in a second.)

Baby Booty Maine

According to their official website, Baby Booty is more than just a 30-minute workout class open to prenatal and postpartum parents, it's an entire community where, like one of their t-shirts reads, "babes support babes."

Members can actually wear their children while they workout, although it's not required. But the Baby Booty community goes deeper than that, as it's a lot of mothers supporting other mothers, fathers supporting fathers -- truly, it's everyone supporting everyone.

babybootyworkout via Instagram
babybootyworkout via Instagram

Baby CPR Classes

It's also about more than just the physical needs of parenthood. Educational needs are addressed too, like periodic CPR and Choking classes, as well as online blogs discussing tough topics such as the stigma of pregnancy loss and more.

Baby Booty Locations

The success of the Baby Booty community is easily proven, too, considering it has grown so much that a second location was opened in November 2023 down in Dedham, Massachusetts.

And, truly, even this aforementioned "clueless dude" can see how impactful, positive, and important the Baby Booty community has, is, and will continue to be for current and expecting parents.

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