I always say healthy competition is good for the soul, and these four bartenders out of Portland are about to go head-to-head in one.

Maybe you've heard of Batson River Brewing & Distilling's annual cocktail competition called Chop Tails, or maybe you haven't until now. But either way, this seems like it's gonna be such a thrilling event.

Portland Old Port describes the event like this:

"Mixing the creativity, intensity, and competitiveness of the hit cooking competition show Chopped and replacing it with booze instead of food, ChopTails will have four of Portland’s best bartenders square off in the ultimate test of mix mastery."

As a former bartender in the Old Port, I have such a big appreciation for the ones hosting behind the bar and giving up their night so that we can have one. You have to respect it.

Maybe you know the four local bartenders competing this year? Daniella from Room for Improvement, Zakk from Cocktail Mary, Jacob from Sagamore Hill, and Jack from Blyth & Burrows. We love a familiar face.

Also, in my opinion, the best part of a competition is when something good comes out of it. In this one, something great is going to come out of it. Portland Old Port confirmed that because Chop Tails is a ticketed event, a portion of its' proceeds will benefit Maine Needs in their mission to help local Mainers meet their basic needs. If you're reading this and want to make a donation to Maine Needs (or want to figure out a way to help on your own), click here to find out more.

When is the Chop Tails Cocktail Competition 2024?

When: Monday, March 25, 2024
Where: Batson River Brewing & Distilling in Portland, Maine

Bartending is such an interesting craft when you've mastered it. I will never stop being interested in watching the way a bartender perfects what cocktail they create behind their bar. See you guys there!

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