The Grill Room is back! Situated amongst many other high-end restaurants in the foodie town of Portland, Maine, is this unique restaurant that unfortunately caught fire back in June of 2023. It has been closed ever since.

Longtime owners Harding and Sarah Smith had written an official announcement about the fire, thanking the local community for their immediate response as their restaurant suddenly found itself engulfed in flames.

"We cannot express enough gratitude to the local Fire Department for their rapid and efficient response. Their professionalism ensured that the situation was contained, and we're profoundly relieved to share that no one was hurt and no damage was inflicted on our neighboring businesses."

Back when I was a bartender in the old port, i used to hear word of mouth from all around town that the Grill Room was the most perfect date night spot. Portland and its surrounding towns were very sad to see it close down for repairs, but were very supportive.

Time for the good news;  your favorite date night spot has officially rebuilt and reopened itself to the public!

Longtime owners Harding and Sarah Smith have since reported in a recent Facebook post that they are operating from 5-9pm! Yay!



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