Kyle Rankin, a Mainer and movie maker, will have a couple of showings prior to the DVD and VOD release of 'The Witch Files' in Portland.

Kyle Rankin
Kyle Rankin

The Witch Files will be released on DVD and VOD October 9th, and there will be two Portland showing on Columbus Day, Monday 10/8 at One Longfellow Square.

This movie was shot in Bath, Brunswick, and Portland and it stars Holly Taylor (The Americans), Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds), and Greg Finley (The Flash, LA-based Maine native!).


Kyle will be in Maine for the premiere, Q&A, and after party (starting at 8pm).
Holly will come up from NYC for the premiere and be in town for at least 48 hours around Columbus Day.
Witch Files is suitable for families and young teens (tho there is one F-bomb). It would pass the Bechdel Test as it involves 5 young gals talking about things other than the boys/men in their lives. Kyle wanted to make a fun movie his two daughters could watch at a sleep over when they're 11 or so.


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