Since we've all been stuck in quarantine, I haven't exactly been dining at the finest restaurants that Maine has to offer, but I figured since today is a good day and we're in what I would call the 'eye of the storm,' I thought I would get out and try something new.

I went to this restaurant called Nura, a falafel place specializing in Shawarma and vegan food.

I went with my coworker Brian' Guru' James of WBLM, who is a renowned vegan and recommended it.

I'm always skeptical of vegan food because they have things like vegan cheese or vegan burgers; stuff that just doesn't sound right being vegetated, you know what I mean.

But I walked in, and I could the smell of Shawarma french fries hit me in the face like a mack truck going 30 miles an hour.

I decided I would order their fries and mushroom Shawarma pocket. I didn't quite know what to expect, but, man, was my coworker right on the money. The fries tasted like the seasoned fries that you would get at Denny's, but 1000 times better.

I swear they had half the calories.

Let me tell you about the Shawarma pocket, too. It was inside of a thick pita bread, and it wasn't rolled over. It was more like they sliced into it, and then they stuffed all the ingredients in, and they baked everything in.

The amount of juices that were in that Shawarma mushroom pocket (sigh...) wow. To be honest, I was actually convinced that I was eating a sandwich that had meat in it, especially the way it was seasoned, and with all of the juices that the mushroom was marinated in.

You couldn't tell me that this wasn't the best meat on earth.

So I would definitely recommend Nura to friends of mine that are vegan. Now am I never eating meat again? That would be a stretch, but I'm definitely going to frequent this restaurant more often. I hope you enjoyed this review and the photos and tonight I'm eating a steak.

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