Jessica LeMieux of Portland says she went out for a fun night at Bubba's Sulky Lounge on Friday and ended up leaving in an ambulance after a man bought her a drink that she believes he drugged. She shared her story in an effort to warn others that it can happen right here in Maine.

She posted photos on her Facebook page showing her at Bubba's with friends, another of a Bubba's security guard trying to get her to respond and yet another of her in a hospital bed.

What she expected to be a fun night out, took a turn for the worse after she accepted a drink from a man that she believes left her conscious yet unable to speak and incredibly sick. At this point, the man who gave her the drink was no where to be found.

Here's how Jessica recounted the night.

Friday night I went out with my good friend for an innocent night of dancing at Bubba’s Sulky Lounge.....I had 2 drinks which I bought myself and was feeling great....having a fun time dancing and being my typical silly self. The first picture was taken after the 2 drinks. Everyone who I was with knew I only had had 2 drinks......until a creepy guy in a long dark coat offered to buy me a drink. Already being kind of tipsy and had spent $20 of my own money on drinks, I said sure. Believe me....I don’t feel good about this, as it shows my naivety to “going out” in this day and age. I haven’t been out by myself in over 15 years, I’ve always had a man with me. This guy brought me my drink and shortly after my friends suggested we step outside....probably to get me away from him. When I came back inside and finished my drink it wasn’t 7 minutes later that I was a completely different person. I couldn’t talk....I couldn’t mouth felt wired shut.....It felt like I had ants crawling in my bones and in my teeth. I had no ability to stand up or speak. The second picture was shortly after I had come back in from outside and had finished my drink, the third is 7 minutes after finishing my rather small drink and the security guard trying to get me to respond. The craziest part is that I was conscious and aware but couldn’t speak. I wasn’t blacked out drunk....I remember them calling 911 and and getting loaded into the ambulance. The guy who had been there and bought me a drink had suddenly vanished and was nowhere around. I was incredibly sick the rest of the night and it was a torturous feeling knowing that I wasn’t just “drunk”.......something was very different. I truly believe I was drugged. Every witness knows I didn’t drink enough to be acting that way. And the way I was feeling was not like being drunk. It was like being paralyzed. I share this because I don’t want anyone else to go through that. Thank GOD I had some people with me to protect me and get me to the hospital. I should’ve known all women we are all told to watch our drinks and be aware, but honestly, I was just trying to relax and have fun......I wasn’t thinking stuff like this would ever happen to me. It could’ve been a lot worse. I could’ve gotten taken out of there and never seen again. careful. It can happen. Even in tiny little Portland Maine.

Luckily Jessica is okay, but unfortunately there are people out there who actually think it's okay to drug and take advantage of people. If you're one of those people reading this, stop. We're watching for you and if you continue you will get caught and hopefully spend a good amount of time behind bars. For tips on things you can do to be proactive and stop these monsters before they get the chance, The Loop has a great article that has actions you can take to protect yourself.



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