We see you 2020 and we're not impressed. Across southern Maine, people woke up on Tuesday morning to series of severe thunderstorms moving through the area. Thunderstorms, even severe ones, aren't uncommon for Maine during this time of year, especially given how much humidity the state has endured recently. What is uncommon though? The amount of large hail that fell during these storms and the rate that it fell at. After passing through, the accumulation was so significant, it looked as though it had just snowed.

Facebook via Michelle Wakefield
Facebook via Michelle Wakefield

Shared on Facebook by Michelle Wakefield, the last thing any Mainer wants to see in the middle of July is their lawn covered in ice and snow. Wakefield, who resides in Kennebunkport, wasn't alone in the shocking sight of snow in her backyard. Luke Labbe took his photo to a Facebook group for skiing fanatics called Friends of Saddleback Mountain to share his driveway in Sanford. While the pavement was too warm to hold onto a little accumulation, the lawn was not.

If that wasn't enough from Sanford, Sherry Hudson shared a pair of videos she took during the storms that show intense wind and the size of the hail falling from the sky. Impressive and frightening all at the same time.


So if you haven't installed seatbelts in your living room yet, you may want to look into that as soon as possible because it appears we're all going to need to buckle up for the rest of 2020. Anything can and will happen, including "snow" covered lawns in the middle of July. Unbelievable.

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