Were you required to learn how to write cursive as part of your elementary school education? I remember in fourth grade we were handed worksheets to trace those script-y letters the best we could, but I grew up in Idaho. Cursive isn't required in Maine schools - at least not yet.

There's a proposal in the Maine State House that would require students to start learning cursive in third grade, according to WMTW. By the end of fifth grade, students would be expected to "demonstrate competence in cursive handwriting", as the bill's language says. The law would apply starting in fall 2020.

Currently, elementary school curriculum in Maine includes "career and education development, English language arts, world languages, health education and physical education, mathematics, science and technology, social studies and visual and performing arts" and other graduation requirements.

It's somewhat counter-intuitive that cursive would be added to curriculum now, when most communication is done by typing (and typing is not included in elementary curriculum) but the new law would require it under Maine law.


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