Delaney Kasle is a dedicated teacher in a high poverty town in Maine, but always knew she wanted to do more. She'd always had a passion for making a positive change in others' lives, which includes dogs and cats.

"I knew I didn’t have the space or money to adopt all the dogs I wanted so I came up with a plan to make sure I could provide them with what they need while they wait for their forever homes!", Kasle said.
Pups 'n' ME
Pups 'n' ME

Delaney partnered with her boyfriend Dennis Meehan and started Pups n’ ME last year when she was only a senior in college. They sell swag for dogs and humans alike, including bandanas, shirts, decals, and more. Delaney and Dennis partner with Maine shelters to dress up older dogs with bandanas to be more appealing to families. They donated all the bandanas for the kitty bowl this year at the Midcoast Humane in Brunswick and plan to host a 5k for dogs and their owners sometime in April. All of Pups 'n' ME proceeds go toward Animal Welfare Society and Midcoast Humane to help dogs and cats be comfortable until they're adopted. The organization is hoping to expand to the larger New England area in the future.

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