Went on Facebook and asked, "Do you have something saved from when you were a baby?" Of course you do! And the most popular item was...

the 'blankie'. Ya still have that sucker and some have passed it on to their own kids.

Here's some other items, some popular, some VERY unique!

  • first booties
  • positive pregnancy test
  • baby book
  • first outfit from the hospital
  • belly button stub
  • ring from circumcision
  • everything

What do you still have? Are you saving weird stuff from your kids? Jens' rule in the house is that if it has a date and name, it gets saved. Needless to say - there is a ton of stuff saved and they are still young!

Speaking of babies, don't forget to get your cute kid entered into Q's Baby Idol! Any guesses on who the baby is I used for a picture here? I'll give you a hint...he's royalty!

That 's Prince George of Cambridge. I know, I know..your kid is cuter!

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