All of us here at Q97.9 are saddened to learn of the death of Tommy Page, a singer-songwriter who had a #1 Billboard Hit in 1990 and worked with big acts like New Kids on The Block and Tiffany. He was found March 3 in his apartment after an apparent suicide.

Tommy was here for the Old Port Festival in 2010 as a record promoter for one of the acts on the Q97.9 stage. In a tribute on his Facebook page, former Q97.9 Program Director Tim Moore shared what happened when he convinced Tommy to get on stage and sing his number one hit "I'll Be Your Everything."

Rest In Peace, Tommy Page.

I am devastated at this news-Tommy Page was a wonderful person, a talented artist and the magnet of attention for every room he walked into.

Years ago, while working for Warner Brothers--after securing one of his artists for the "Q-Port" show for Q97.9 in Portland, I remember his astonishment when I asked that he, too perform his #1 hit "I'll Be Your Everything"---well, he did--and he was spectacular! The crowd went wild--and I'll always remember how pumped he was at being back on stage as a performer. Tommy, you will be missed greatly---and to his family whom I do not know---I hope that the outpouring of similar memories of this great man bring you some comfort in this sad time.

Tommy Page is survived by his partner Charlie and their three children.



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