It's fun to have a concert where you work. Unless you work at a bank. Sunday at the 41st annual Old Port Festival was great! Beautiful weather and spectacular bands!

Katy Tiz with her hot new single 'The Big Bang' was on the stage at 4pm. The Q Morning Show was going to introduce her. Cool. I hadn't met Katy, but I super love that song. However, I had some hours to fill before off I went. My first task - blow up Q balloons.

4 years of radio school to blow up balloons

4 years of radio school to learn how to blow up balloons. Who am I kidding? I never went to school!

Then I was back on stage and decided I wanted a selfie with the crowd! Oh, that's Jeff Parsons.

selfie w Parsons and Old Port crowd

I also noticed that down below our stage was a fenced in area. I think it was meant to keep people out...but it didn't. What do you think this looks like?

petting zoo?

I kinda thought it looked like a petting zoo. No - I did not pet anyone.

Then it was time for Katy Tiz. I introduced myself and said that we would be bringing her up on stage - and stuck out my hand. She turned around and HUGGED ME while saying in the coolest English accent, 'I'm a hugger.' I was fine with that. I tend to be a hugger myself. And of course, had to get a selfie.

selfie with Katy Tiz

Nothing will make you feel sweaty, slightly overweight and old like a picture with a beautiful rock star. I re-thought my plan as soon as I saw this picture. Oh well...too late. The size of her earring by the way was also her waist size!

Overall it was another huge successful Superstage at One City Center! And seriously...when's the last time you complained about being hot at the Old Port Fest? See you at our next big advanture: Grapes and Grains Festival!

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