On June 7, 2009, Dana Street in Portland was a sea of people waiting to see American Idol star Elliot Yamin and to a lesser extent, Meredith, Jeff and Lori as Cluster Fudge.

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Townsquare Media

Elliott Yamin appeared on the fifth season of American Idol in 2006 and later appeared on the Q97.9 stage at the 2009 Old Port Festival. His second album titled Fight For Love had dropped a month ago, so he came up to perform for us to promote the new album. He must have sold a ton that day judging by the crowd we had. Here's a video shot by a fan of Elliot being introduced by WCSH 6's Lee Goldberg who was an even bigger fan of Elltiot.

Before Elliot took the stage, there was another performance that didn't get quite the same attention. Remember the video game Rock Band? In 2009 Meredith, Jeff and Lori formed a 'band' called Cluster Fudge that wasn't really a band at all. We didn't play real instruments, we were playing a video game. Meredith however was really singing, since she was the only one with some real talent.

Ahhhh the memories. Were you there in the crowd to see Elliot Yamin?


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