We were at it again this week, hitting the road to a hot shot eatery in Maine that listeners have told us we've got to try. This time it was Roy's All Steak Hamburgers in Auburn (of which there are two - we chose the one on Washington ave, sans golf).

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After a repeat mishap of Lori forgetting which highway she was on and opting for a detour –yes, it's happened before on the way to Oxford Casino Hotel– we found ourselves asking the woman at the counter what she recommends. "Our all-steak hamburgers and steak sandwiches are the most popular," she said, confirming our suspicions. We ordered a couple burgers, a steak sandwich, fries, and onion rings, and popped a squat to stuff our faces.

You can watch it all unfold, including the part where Jeff smugly greets us after awaiting our delayed arrival, in the facebook live.