Fun fact - the last time the New England Patriots won a Super Bowl, it was in February 2019 against the Los Angeles Rams.

But we're not talking about those rams.

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams
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We're also not talking about the sleek-looking Dodge Ram, a popular truck driven by many Mainers and people from away.

No, we're talking about an actual ram. As in the animal.

The same animal that you may come face-to-face with very soon in Maine. Not by design, either. Like last year when a random monkey was spotted on the loose bouncing around Portland, Maine -- there's a random ram that's reported to be loose in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Pete Nuij
Pete Nuij

Loose ram in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

According to Cape Elizabeth Police, over the weekend, the ram was being transported from Richmond Island when he got loose, escaped, and started taking in the beautiful sights in Cape Elizabeth.

At least part of his little ram bucket list is taking in the sights throughout Vacationland like a typical tourist that's bouncing around the state right now.

According to the Cape Elizabeth Police Department earlier this morning, the ram hung out in the parking lot at Crescent Beach State Park before headbutting its way over to the Broad Cove neighborhood where it stayed for a few hours before it went to live its best life elsewhere.

Gaylin Hargraves Zimmerman
Gaylin Hargraves Zimmerman

The picture above was taken by Gaylin Hargraves Zimmerman yesterday while the ram was making the rounds in Broad Cove. She mentioned that a neighbor in the area mentioned the ram was estimated to be around 150 pounds.

Even though for some, it may be tempting to walk up to a random animal you don't usually see in your neighborhood, bet it between the horns and call it "the bestest boy," Cape Elizabeth Police (at the request of the ram's owner) are asking the public to not engage and especially not to chase the ram.

Instead, reach out to Cape Elizabeth Police at 207-767-3323 with the latest information you have on the ram if you cross its path.

All sarcastic comments in this article aside, in all seriousness, stay safe. No one wants to remember you because you were that Mainer that caught a ram horn to the heart.

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