People thought there was a secret mission going on in Raymond...there is not.


Jason Soper
Jason Soper

Jason Soper saw this and thought it was hysterical. He is not wrong!

File this under, 'You had one job!'

But Raymond caught wind of the sign and took it down. No need to rush there for your very own picture. And yes, this was real and not a goof.

How do we know? Because the town of Raymond responded to the sign!

Ahhhhh Raymond. Thank you! Thanks for the laugh. Thanks for making us think that something big, exciting and secretive was happening in Raymond.

Maybe this thing should be called COVERT-19. Since we really don't know what the hell it is or where it is or when it's done or when or if it's coming back. I mean, that seems pretty covert to me!

Thanks Jason for sharing! Best coronavirus meme that is real!

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