There's exuberant, and then there's Stella. It's no wonder she's rapidly becoming Instagram famous! If you have a dog, you know they can get excited about leaves, squirrels, toys, snow... just about anything, really. Perusing Stella's videos of leaping into giant piles of leaves reminds you, it's the little things.

Watch as she sprints from every destination to a graceful flying leap into the leaves:

Stella's not just known for her graceful leaf leaps. A year ago, she had a very meaningful - and adorable - conversation with her new, bald roommate (subtitles come in handy here):

Stella's family lives in Freeport and has turned Stella's famous Instagram into more than a way to share their laughably lovable dog. Sponsors are chomping at the bit to be mentioned on Stella's instagram, and for every feature the family gets paid. What better way to boost your paycheck than share pictures and videos to make people's days?

Here's one more for you to enjoy:

Stella's a videographer too!

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