America's Got Talent

Back in 2009, a group of guys from New Hampshire made their way onto the America's Got Talent stage with a dream, ladders, and trash cans. Recycled Percussion can make music out of just about anything and have made a thriving career out of it. While they didn't place first on America's Got Talent, they have since been featured on the show more than any other act as a returning fan favorite.

Beyond AGT

Over the years the band had a successful run in Vegas, have broken a number of world records with insane stunts such as performing in all 50 states in under 2 weeks and playing in 25 countries in 7 days.

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As if that weren't enough they also launched an Emmy award-winning show, Chaos & Kindness with an accompanying clothing brand that has two storefronts in Laconia and Keene New Hampshire. The show follows the bandmates; Justin, Ryan, Tony, Jimmy Luv, Davin, their shenanigans, and doing good for the community.

Coming to Arundel

Vinegar Hill Music Theater in Arundel will be hosting Recycled Percussion Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7pm. The show will be drive-in style rain or shine. So pile your friends and family into your ride and get your car pass for this can't miss show. Get your tickets here.

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