Recycled Percussion

Even though they didn't win their season of America's Got Talent back in 2009, simply their appearance and advancing week-to-week on the show served as the launching pad for not only a local band with a lot of talent, but an insane amount of heart and just overall goodness.

Because ever since their season ended, Recycled Percussion hasn't stopped. Whether it's been touring, being active on social media to entertain their fans, or, most importantly, doing good and making dreams come true, they've been making the Granite State proud.

Chaos and Kindness

Over the years, Recycled Percussion and even their friends and family have blown up the branding of Chaos and Kindness in multiple ways, including a hugely popular merchandise line and a successful television show.

And the whole purpose behind Chaos & Kindness? Simply being a good human, spreading goodness and positivity, and also focusing on mental health.

But throughout all of that, the Chaos & Kindness crew know how to have fun, and they're looking to bring back an event for the third year in a row that's already become massively popular.

ChaosandKindness via YouTube
ChaosandKindness via YouTube

Chaos & Kindness Tattoo Festival

What makes the Chaos & Kindness Tattoo Festival so amazing is, unlike other tattoo festivals which are mainly focused on all things tattoos (as you'd expect, honestly), this festival is way more than that.

It's essentially an 18-hour nonstop party that features live music, a legit smorgasbord of food, and, of course, tattoos, along with a ton of dancing and other fun as well.

And while not much is known about the third installment of the Chaos & Kindness Tattoo Festival, other than the fact that it looks like it's happening at the end of May 2024 and one would assume it'll be held once again at Recycled Percussion's very own performance venue, The CAKE (Chaos and Kindness Experience) Theatre in Laconia, New Hampshire.

But what is known, is Recycled Percussion is starting to take the steps to make it happen and looking for a group of tattoo artists looking to get involved.

Stay tuned, and if you or a tattoo artist in your life is interested, definitely send that email to try and get involved!

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