The Maine DOT plans a summer long construction project to redesign the intersection on Route 26 in Oxford at the entrance to Oxford Casino Hotel. According to the Advertiser Democrat in an article from February, the project is slated to begin in April 1 and last until October.

The intersection will be redesigned to be safer after several accidents and two fatalities in 2016 when two men tried to cross the road from the casino to the Hampton Inn. Traffic lights that were installed when Oxford Casino opened in 2012 have never been activated, always blinking yellow for traffic travelling on Route 26. At some point this summer, that traffic light is expected to be activated to stop traffic on Route 26 for cars entering and exiting Oxford Casino Hotel.

As traffic on Route 26 continues to grow, this will be the second traffic light activated on this short stretch of Route 26 after a new light was installed at five corners in Mechanic Falls, 3 miles away at the bottom of Pigeon Hill. Oxford Casino sits at the top of the hill.


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