Three years ago, Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach unveiled their newest rollercoaster, the Sea Viper, to crowds of enthusiastic thrill seekers. The Sea Viper replaced a longtime favorite at the amusement park, the Galaxi, and was welcomed with open arms. But because of a pandemic shortened 2020 season, not everyone who has wanted to hop aboard the Sea Viper has gotten the chance. So if you're still curious what a ride on Maine's newest rollercoaster is like, you don't have to wonder anymore.

Shared on Facebook by Palace Playland Amusement Park, strap in and get ready for a front row seat on the Sea Viper in this one-minute POV ride along. As you'll notice in the video, there isn't much you can't see when you're 70 feet in the air, unless you have your eyes closed from fear. And if it feels like you're going fast in the video, you'll love it more in person as the Sea Viper tops out at 44 mph during the ride.

Facebook via Palace Playland Amusement Park
Facebook via Palace Playland Amusement Park

While the Sea Viper is fast, it can't top the fastest rollercoaster in Maine at Funtown/Splashtown USA. That designation still belongs to Excalibur, the long-standing wooden rollercoaster that tops out at 55 mph during the ride.

Funtown Excalibur
Facebook via Funtown Splashtown USA

Palace Playland has been operating their rides on weekends but plans to officially open the amusement park seven days per week starting Friday, June 18th. For more information on rides, park hours and tickets, click here.

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