When I hear about a new place to eat that is unique, I must go to there. My friend told me about a fondue restaurant she found in Auburn that was out of this world! So, I must share it with you too!


This is a dining experience in Auburn that is like no other here in Maine. My friend Danielle told me she found this 'speakeasy' called LAVA that has fondue of all types and even a cabaret show. She knows very well that I am a big 'dipper' person. This means anytime I eat anything that can be dipped in a sauce, I get EVERY sauce available. I am a big fan of eating a variety of foods for a good meal out. And, fondue brings everyone together. Well, as long as no one 'double dips'! LOL

The cabaret show is an added bonus for fantastic entertainment. Dancers and performers of all types. And, this is NOT a kid friendly type place. Grown ups only. Yummy cocktails to top things off for a fun night out. Since this is a 'speakeasy' it means that the building doesn't have a flashy sign out front, do you have to really look for it. Or, click here to go to their website to get the address. Go try something new and exciting!



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