Robin's Confections convinced me that not all Needhams are created equal...


When I complained that I didn't like Needhams, but thought that I should since they were invented in Portland, Maine - well, that's when Robin's mom drove up to the studio to prove..I just didn't have the right ones!

Yup. They are delicious and now I am a needham fan! But Robin's was just in some specialty stores or online - but NOT ANY MORE! She opened this past weekend with an actual store at 586 Alfred Street in Biddeford! I got an invitation to go and celebrate. I was happy to - cuz I think Robin is pretty cool.

She is so happy, proud, exhausted, excited, nervous and anxious! As any new business owner would be! The place looks great!

I got some fudge, a chocolate covered Twinkie, a chocolate covered marshmallow, some trail mix, some different trail mix, fudge, chocolate covered Oreos and of course - Needhams! All yummy!

Heck...I even bought this adorable little artwork!

How cute is that?

I wish Robin all the best in her new actual store in Biddeford! If you have a hankering for chocolate and all things covered in it - you should stop by!