Scoot over blue/gold dress. Samantha from Windham asked her husband a simple question and now it's an internet fight.


Samatha Shaw
Samatha Shaw

Samantha was in the car with her husband Brad driving. That's when he asked which coffee was his. She answered, 'the one in the back.' Brad picked up the BLUE cup and took a sip. Sam screamed, 'No! Yours is the one in the back!'

That's when Brad argued that he took the one in the back - the blue one! The red one was in the font! They argued so much that they put the picture to their family. Brad's whole family said red cup was in back, and blue was in front.

This is exactly what we need right now with the coronavirus. An good ol' fashioned internet fight! So what do you think. Which cup is up front - blue or red?


*SIDENOTE: Samantha and Brad from Windham are still happily married.



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