Sanford's Deputy Police Chief Tim Strout says since the first of the year residents have reported at least 24 vehicle break ins. That works out to about one break in every couple days. And while the police have stepped up patrols in shopping plazas and residential areas, they are urging people to make sure their vehicles are locked.

According to the Journal Tribune, the thefts are happening all over the city, mostly in the downtown area. The thieves are targeting unlocked vehicles and taking whatever they can grab, change, wallets, laptops, briefcases, shopping bags, and more.

Deputy Police Chief Tim Strout syas to make sure your car is locked, and always park in well lit areas. Also, if you do have valuables in your car make sure they are hidden from view. A good idea is to put your valuables in the trunk if you must leave things in your vehicle.

Although the burglaries continue in Sanford, and no arrests have been made yet, authorities are looking into the matter.




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