Mainers are very excited to get their very first Costco in Scarborough.

It's close to being open! The new Costco will be opening at The Downs in Scarborough, putting the opening ahead of schedule. But even more ahead of schedule is that you can become a member today, well before it opens its doors to the public.


Mainers aren't strangers to buying in bulk. We've had Sames Club and BJ's Wholesale Club for a while, but the grand poobah of them all is Costco. And people were signing up like crazy.

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It's really coming along. Costco is a mammoth 161,000-square-foot store near Payne and Scarborough Downs Road. They finally settled the parking situation, and there will be nearly 800 spaces! And you know you're gonna have a hard time finding a spot for at least the first few months.

Why are we so excited about a Costco in Maine? Because of the crazy stuff you can buy! I mean, save up, and you can be the proud owner of a 72-pound wheel of cheese. It's under $1,000!

From more cheese than you know what to do with to caskets (I'm not kidding), Costco is your one-stop shopping extravaganza, and Maine can soon join the frenzy! And don't think their plan to open before the holidays is an accident! Get ready! If you really want to get ready, head to the get your membership now.

The store is near the Walmart and Marden's in Scarborough. It looks like a temporary place, so we're not sure how long it's gonna be there. But it will be long enough to get every Mainer signed up for a membership!

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