Sebago Brewing Company announced on Thursday that they are closing their Portland brewpub on Fore Street at the end of January.

The Fore Street location was opened in 2017 after the construction of the Hampton Inn Hotel, in which the brewpub is located, was completed. It's one of four brewpubs Sebago Brewing opened over the years since the company began in 1998.

In a post on the Sebago Brewing Company's Facebook page, they explain what brought them to the difficult decision:

We are committed to the continued operation of all other Sebago locations and will use the resources from the sale of the building to invest in a range of improvements. This allows us to improve the employee and customer experiences at the other locations, while expanding production at the brewery.

The Portland brewpub's last day of operation will be on January 29 and the post goes on to say that the company will be working with the staff at the Portland location to help them find other positions in the company or employment elsewhere.

Sebago Brewing Company's tasting room in Gorham and the three other brewpubs in and brewpubs on Elm Street in Gorham, Scarborough near the Maine Mall and Portland Road in Kennebunk, will remain open. If you have a Sebago Brewing loyalty card, you can still use it at any of the other locations.

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