Sometimes it's easy to get bogged down by the numbers during this pandemic. X amount of people have tested positive, Y amount of people have been hospitalized and Z have passed away. And knowing that countless others are sick but are unable to be tested. It's a tough reality.

The good news is that people are recovering. Not only at home but from the hospital as well.

Maine General, whose main campus is located in Augusta, shared a touching video to Facebook this afternoon of their first COVID-19 positive patient who had been admitted, being discharged. The video shows the man being cheered on by staff with shouts of "Congratulations!" heard in the background. This moment also giving the man a chance to thank those who helped him on his journey.

Congratulations, indeed.

A short video of hope. Sometimes that's all we need. Keep up the great work hospital staff, and essential workers. And to everyone else, keep social distancing, and we'll be out of this before you know it.

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